Are YOU Ready to Get Rigged?

The Launch of an Affordable Talent Management and Development Company

Raleigh, NC (September 14, 2016) There aren't too many talent management and development companies in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carlina, but owner of the brand new company You've Been Rigged, says she is here to change that. TeCreshia "Cre" Riggins is a graduate of Full Sail University and the idea of this company began while she was attending the Bachelors of Music Business program. In this program, her classes focused on understanding the music business and development of businesses that the students already own or would like to own. This is where the idea came about. "I once was an aspiring entertainer and there is a lot of money that goes into crafting yourself as an artist. I didn't have a lot of money for studio time, vocal lessons, etc., and I didn't have the proper resources to get my music into the right hands. I didn't know anything about the music business, all I knew how to do was sing and perform." (says Cre in an interview earlier today with a WRAL news reporter.) "I wanted to pave a way for individuals who love singing, acting, writing or anything that involves being creative in the entertainment industry and make it easy and affordable to catch their big break."

You've Been Rigged focuses on developing the talent of aspiring entertainers. Once they are defined as fully developed, they begin the management process of their careers. Packages are put together to include, vocal training, acting lessons, media training, as well as studio recording sessions. They are also offering classes that teach them the basics of the music business. All of these services are offered at prices that are calculated by the clients annual income.

With so much talent in this area, the number of people willing to jump at an opportunity such as this will more than likely be endless. "I'm so excited about the official lunch and I can't wait to get started." says Latisha Harden, a local talent from Fayetteville, NC who's stage name is Tish Mone'. She has already signed up for the services. She's a well known name in the area and is looking to take her talent to next with the help of the management crew at You've Been Rigged.

Cre is a native of Biloxi, Mississippi and found she had a love for music and singing at the early age of 6. She began writing her own songs at the age of 19 after she had moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina and began performing locally after that. After a few years af failed attempts at letting others manage her career, she decided that she would go back to school to study the business for herself. At Full Sail University, she was able to get with classmates from other areas such as music production, entertainment business, and recording arts to become her go to resources to help these artist.

Cre describes her brand as affordable, resourceful, and diligent. She has put together a team that focuses directly on the clients and want them to understand that they are not just working for the money. "This company is not here to change the image or creativity within these artist but simply assist in developing them to their full potential." says Terry Trotter, recording engineer. "We look for individuals who are willing to put in just as much as work as we are, and know where they want to take their own careers, but rely on us for a little help." For more information and the latest news on You've Been Rigged, follow them on


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